Steven the Scammer using fake pic. Who is the guy in the pic?

I met this guy off the Bottled app. He refused to stay on the app and asked for my Whatsapp number. Luckily I have 2 different numbers. 1 is the main where all my info and banking info and everything is on it. I gave him the other number. We talked for like 2 weeks mostly about pleasantries and then he professed his love to me. Then he asked for an iTunes gift card for his birthday. Thankfully iTunes gift cards are nation bound. He couldn’t get that at all. Then he asked for $300 to upgrade his bank account or else it will freeze. Then he said he’d sent me $150,000 to my account and asked me to keep it safe for him. It’s such a waste of time to spend time, energy, feelings for 6 weeks but he’s just after my money at the end of the day. I just want to know who the guy is in the profile picture. He has the right to know that his picture is being used to scam innocent people.

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