I spotted this guy from a mile away.  He was being overly “romantic” with his words and really wanted to know a lot about me. I thought it was odd that he asked about my 2 kids when I never told him I had kids.  We started our conversation on hinge and as always I asked for his Instagram. He said he had Instagram but didn’t use it much and asked for WhatsApp instead so we started chatting there. The WhatsApp checked out because his photo was of the same person and one that wasn’t on the hinge profile. He did provide his Instagram but there were no photos of him on it. He was only following gay men and also being followed by gay men…. (Yikes) After I questioned him about it, he abruptly ended the conversation and said he had to take a shower. Shortly after, he changed his WhatsApp photo to Christmas trees … very odd. Learn More Before You Meet with Spokeo People Search