Connected with me randomly seemed very genuine. Professed his love very quickly sent pics and chats on hangout (messages and calls) but never video call on his part. Me yes, him no as his camera was broken. Says he is Greek (from Athens) living in US for last 6 years in Tennessee. I believed everything and fell stupid – but he didn’t give his address when I asked and didnt give up much personal info other than he was a widower who is 45 and lost his wife 5 years ago when his daughter was 4. and has a daughter named Tracey. Tracey lives in Italy with his sister because he travels a lot for work and can’t look after her. Says he is a construction engineer. Today out of the blue he calls to tell me his sister called to say his daughter is very sick – he is confused and doesn’t know what to do. Later calls back saying that his daughter is in hospital and needs kidney surgery. He needs $200-$300 dollars for drugs to make her strong for surgery. I said I didn’t have the money to send to him and whether he could ask his friends to help. Nobody could give him money I was his only option. When I said I couldn’t he got very upset and begged made me feel really bad. I accused him of scamming me and now he is upset and I am confused whether or not he is genuine. Any help appreciated. Learn More Before You Meet with Spokeo People Search