This individual goes by the name of Andrew Patterson. Claims to be in the Navy. Stationed out in Norwalk Ca.  Yet his number is from Mission Texas . Claims that he is stranded someone and needs money to get deployed. In the first week that we started chatting. He asked me for money, game cards.  Wanted to send me gold for me to go impound at a pawn shop. I never met him in person.  Never spoke to him via phone, or even did a video call. He never picked up his phone. Claimed he had no reception, that he needs to have a low profile because of what he did in the military. Thank god he never scammed me out of money. I was extremely firm with not giving him any money. Wiring him any money as his sad stories just kept getting worse and worse.

He last said that his mother was sick. Just off stories that made no sense. The last straw for me was that he antes my ádrelas and email to send me a box that I was suppose to go impound a pawn shop. Cut off all ties with him and in matter of days his phone was no longer in service. Look out for this individual. He is on gay dating sites too. I ran a catfish search on him and he is a con artist. Trying to get money on any person that allows it .  Too bad I found all this out days ago. If I would have known, I would of reported him to the FBI. His profile on POF is no longer there. On Catfish search, he has multiple dating sites where his pictures are viral.

Please be careful and don’t believe shady stories that this individual might tell you. If he is in the military, military people are well taken care of. They don’t need food, housing, As this person claimed. He wanted money to get deployed from where I have no idea. All I know is that he is a con artist . Learn More Before You Meet with Spokeo People Search